Mythological Creatures: Air Elemental (Sylph)

The elements of fire, water, earth and air are said to be the four building blocks of nature, composing the world in which we live. The Swiss renaissance alchemist known as Paracelsus was the first to bring the concept of the elements to life, calling his mythological beings elementals. Since their conception, elementals have been at the very heart of fantasy literature, folklore and occultism... - Air Elemental (Sylph)

Mythically called Sylphs, air elementals are without doubt the most beautiful of beings with large wings they look like fairies or cherubs. Sylphs live atop the highest of mountains, flying among the clouds and only occasionally land to take the form of humans, sometimes leaving circles in the grass where they have been dancing. Their connection with the air is said to inspire humans, endowing them with things such as creativity which has often led to the greatest of inventions. Whilst their kind, caring whispers can be heard in the wind do not underestimate the power of a Sylph, they can produce storms instantly, blowing ships off course and destroying buildings.