Mythological Creatures: Fire Elemental (Salamander)

The elements of fire, water, earth and air are said to be the four building blocks of nature, composing the world in which we live. The Swiss renaissance alchemist known as Paracelsus was the first to bring the concept of the elements to life, calling his mythological beings elementals. Since their conception, elementals have been at the very heart of fantasy literature, folklore and occultism... - Fire Elemental (Salamander)

Mythically called Salamanders, fire elementals are said to be the most powerful of all the elementals, controlling emotions such as passion, anger and love. Bursting with immense energy, Salamanders have the capacity to consume life instantly, or return life to things that have died. Paracelsus claimed that "Salamanders have been seen in the shape of fiery balls, or tongues of fire, running over fields, or peering in houses." Their illumination and fluid dances are entrancing but, whilst friendly to those who respect them, these rather smelly elementals can have a fiery temper.