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Zeus - The Greek god of the skies and thunder, he is the ruler of Mount Olympus.

Poseidon - The Greek god of the sea, earthquakes and horses.

Hades - The Greek god of the underworld, and ruler of the dead.

Aphrodite - The beautiful Greek goddess of love.

Apollo - The Greek god of the sun, light, poetry, and music.

Ares - The Greek god of war.

Athena - The Greek goddess of wisdom. Also associated with the arts, literature, justice, mathematics, and inspiration. 

Demeter - The Greek goddess of the harvest. 


Odin - The chief god of Norse mythology.

Tyr - The Norse god of war, law and order.

Thor - The Norse god of thunder, sometimes referred to as the Thunderer.

Balder - The Norse god of light, purity, joy, innocence, beauty and happiness.

Loki - A mischievous Ettin, also known as the Norse god of fire. 

Bragi - The Norse god of poetry.

Freya - The Norse goddess of love and beauty.

Hel - The Norse goddess of death, the dead, the underworld.

Idun - The Norse goddess of rejuvination.

Sif - The Norse goddess of Earth, she is also associated with fertility and marriage.

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