Greek Hero: Cadmus

The heroes of Greek myth are more than human, yet less than gods. However, using their supernatural powers for protection and war, they are and were praised as religious symbols, giving them a demigod-like status. Many of the prominent Greek heroes such as Achilles and Odysseus were involved in the famous Trojan War, in which the Achaeans (Greeks) waged war on the city of Troy after Paris of Troy took Helen from her husband Menelaus, king of Sparta. - Cadmus Image

Cadmus was a young hero in Greek mythology that had become one of the first kings of the town of Thebes. He is the son of King Agenor and Queen Telephassa of the land of Tyre. His sister is the lady Europa. Cadmus is also the husband of the goddess Harmonia, the lovechild of Ares and Aphrodite. He is the often depicted as fighting a dragon or large serpent creature...

Cadmus’s story focuses on his quest to find his sister Europa who was kidnapped by the king of the gods, Zeus. He continued to search for his sister with his grieving mother long after his brothers had stopped looking for her. Once his mother died, never seeing her daughter again, Cadmus requested the help of an Oracle of Delphi in order to finally bring his sister home, safe and sound. With a new guide on this journey to find his sister, he paid tribute to Athena for wisdom and found himself upon the well of the god Ares. At this well, he slayed the guardian dragon that belonged to Ares and took water from the well to give to the goddess Athena. She asked for other objects, including the teeth of the dragon he had slain. Once all of these requests were met, he had a fight with men that sprouted from the teeth of the dragon and with those who remained after decided to be on the side of Cadmus and helped him to build his new kingdom, Thebes. Cadmus eventually did find his long lost sister Europa, but he was unable to spend much time with her for he was punished by Ares for killing his guardian dragon. Therefore, Cadmus was imprisoned for some time; and Ares, with a soft spot for the warrior, forgave him for the death of his creature. With this forgiveness, he also offered him his daughter, Harmonia to marry. The two were married before the gods and the humans. It was known that this sort of marriage rarely happened and so it was a moment to behold for all of humanity. All of his brother suffered awful fates and in hopes of avoiding such darkness, he used to curse of slaying Ares’s guardian dragon to become a serpent. Harmonis followed suit, wishing to be with Cadmus for always. There love was inspiring to all, such that Zeus placed them in Elysian, a place for human mortals to live immortal lives.