Norse God: Bragi

The Norse Gods may be a concept of pagan myth but their influence affects the world we live in today. For example, the seven days of the week are named after these gods and the ideals that they are said to have believed in:

  • Monday - Moon's Day 
  • Tuesday - Tyr's Day
  • Wednesday - Woden's Day (Anglicised into Odin)
  • Thursday - Thor's Day
  • Friday - Freyja's Day
  • Saturday - Saturn's Day
  • Sunday - Sun's Day - Bragi Image

Bragi is known as the god of poetry in Norse mythology. He is also a member of the Aesir (the gods that reside in Asgard). His name is associated with the Norse word for poetry, which is directly related to his realm of expertise. Bragi is also known for his association with music, singers, and any other art that pertains to the heart rather than the sword. Since he is a god that avoids the sword and wars for every situation, he is also seen as a god of wisdom. He is the Norse counterpart ofthe Greek god Apollo...

Bragi is the husband of the goddess Idun and son of the god Odin. His mother is Gunnlod, who is a giantess. Bragi differs from the other gods and goddesses due to his knack to be able to visit and engage with members from any and all worlds. Bragi is often portrayed as playing a harp and seen as a man of older stature; with a white beard and hair that is fairly long in length. The origin story of Bragi begins in a cave; and in this particular cave was where Odin and the giantess Gunnlod made love. Bragi was born, however he showed no signs of life in his first moments. In sadness and uncertainty, those in attendance of the birth sent baby Bragi in a small boat with a small golden harp in order to let the baby explore the world in the only way they thought possible. As baby Bragi crossed the threshold of the realm of death for the dwarves, he suddenly spurred back into life and began to play the harp. He strummed and sang songs of life in this region of death. He continued to play these songs of life as he approached land and even the nature around him could not deny the sweetness of his songs. Among the trees of the forest is where he met his soon to be wife Idun. They were blessed by his father Odin and it was then that Bragi was proclaimed as the god of music and poetry. Many songs and poems are dedicated to this deity, and even to this day the strength of hispoetry and music can be felt throughout Scandinavia.