Norse God: Freya

The Norse Gods may be a concept of pagan myth but their influence affects the world we live in today. For example, the seven days of the week are named after these gods and the ideals that they are said to have believed in:

  • Monday - Moon's Day 
  • Tuesday - Tyr's Day
  • Wednesday - Woden's Day (Anglicised into Odin)
  • Thursday - Thor's Day
  • Friday - Freyja's Day
  • Saturday - Saturn's Day
  • Sunday - Sun's Day - Freya Image

Freya or Freyja, the norse counterpart of Aphrodite, is the goddess of love and beauty. Along with these traits, she is known for her role in regards to earthly possessions, especially those of fine materials. She is also known for her love of pleasures that can be found in the human world. Freya is apromiscuous goddess and participated in sexual relations with the gods of Vanir and the elves of Alfheim. She is known to entice them with her necklace, Brisingamen (flaming), amongst other traits - such as her blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes...

Although these are seen as her main attributes, she is also associated with war and wealth. The goddess Freya is known to be a goddess that practiced magic in order to change the course of destiny. This magical ability was desired by humans, elves and gods alike. This type of magic and divination is what is now known as seidr, a form of shamanism and Norse magic. Freya is the daughter of Njord and Nerthus (a goddess that is the sister of Njord - although not confirmed). Freya is the sister of Freyr (the norse god of pleasure for men and ecological fertility). She is married to Odur (Od, Odr), the god of sunshine. She has two daughters, Hnoss and Gersimi. As a goddess of the Vanir realm, she is viewed as a high ranking goddess. This is also due to her honorary status as a goddess of the Aseir (a group of Norse gods). Freya and her brother Freyr are a team of sorts and were both awarded the honorary status in Aesir at the end of the Aesir-Vanir war (the Norse battle between the two tribes of gods and goddesses). However, Freya’s entrance into the Aesir’s realm of Asgard was not an easy one. Freya used her magic and divination techniques in Asgard, which enticed the gods of the realm to continue to seek her services. These services drew out the evil sides of all the gods and it was decided that they had to be rid of Freya. However, no matter how many times they tried to kill her, she continued to come back to life. Therefore, because of Freya’s abilities as a goddess, she started a war between the two tribes - Vanir and Asgard. The war went on, but after awhile it was decided that both tribes would withdraw from battle and an agreement would be achieved. It was in this arrangement that Freya was received in Asgard as an honorary goddess of the realm. To this day, she is associated with many stories with Loki and is still as promiscuous as ever amongst the gods.