Norse God: Idun

The Norse Gods may be a concept of pagan myth but their influence affects the world we live in today. For example, the seven days of the week are named after these gods and the ideals that they are said to have believed in:

  • Monday - Moon's Day 
  • Tuesday - Tyr's Day
  • Wednesday - Woden's Day (Anglicised into Odin)
  • Thursday - Thor's Day
  • Friday - Freyja's Day
  • Saturday - Saturn's Day
  • Sunday - Sun's Day - Idun Image

Idun, also known as Iounn, is the goddess of rejuvenation. She is often associated with the fruit that gives any person or being immortality if they obtain it from her. In many cases, this fruit is described as a golden apple. These fruits are kept safe by the goddess, and the only beings who have the true ability to gain access to Idun are the gods and goddesses of theAesir and Vanir. Idun is the wife of the norse god Bragi (the god of poetry)...

Idun is mostly known in Norse mythology through the story entitled “The Kidnapping of Idun”. In this story, Loki, Odin and Hoenir are traveling to Asgard to make a deal with a giant that will let them eat the animals they kill if they show him where Idun and her fruits dwell. They make this promise and Loki tricks Idun by telling her that on their journey, they found better fruits for her to harvest and to marvel at. She goes with him and is taken by the giant whom they had promised. With Idun gone, the gods began to get old and were no longer able the maintain their youthful appearance since they had to receive the fruit from Idun, who was no longer accessible. All of the gods requested to know what had happened to Idun, and once they learned of the deal that Loki had made with the giant. He was sent to rescue Idun from uncertain despair and potentially death. In the end of this story, Idun is rescued from the evil giant by a transformed Loki and the giant dies in a wall of flames. Idun’s role as a goddess is not as prevalent as other gods and goddesses, but without her, the gods would not be able to retain their immortality and youthful appearance. She is a precious asset to the Norse gods and goddesses of both realms.