Norse GOD: Loki

The Norse Gods may be a concept of pagan myth but their influence affects the world we live in today. For example, the seven days of the week are named after these gods and the ideals that they are said to have believed in:

  • Monday - Moon's Day 
  • Tuesday - Tyr's Day
  • Wednesday - Woden's Day (Anglicised into Odin)
  • Thursday - Thor's Day
  • Friday - Freyja's Day
  • Saturday - Saturn's Day
  • Sunday - Sun's Day - Loki Image

Loki isn't actually a god; he is an Ettin (elemental) and is also known as the god of fire as he has an immense control over this element. He is the son of Farbauti and Laufey and the brother of Helblindi and Byleistr. Loki is a trickster with demonic qualities who often helps the Aesir escape from predicaments, however he also hinders them mainly in the fact that his children are Hel, the goddess of death, the Fenrir Wolf and Jormungand the serpent...

He is a shape shifter, able to take many forms, most having bright red hair, eyes and attire. After tricking Hod into killing his own brother, Loki was punished by Vali. He was tied to a rock and a snake was placed above his head, dripping poison into his mouth. Sigyn, his wife attempted to save him by catching the poison in a bowl, however the bowl fills and she must leave to empty it, as the poison lands on Loki's face, he squirms in pain causing earthquakes. On the day of Ragnarok, Loki breaks free of his shackles and leads the attack against the gods; Heimdall and him fight, killing each other.