Norse God: Sif

The Norse Gods may be a concept of pagan myth but their influence affects the world we live in today. For example, the seven days of the week are named after these gods and the ideals that they are said to have believed in:

  • Monday - Moon's Day 
  • Tuesday - Tyr's Day
  • Wednesday - Woden's Day (Anglicised into Odin)
  • Thursday - Thor's Day
  • Friday - Freyja's Day
  • Saturday - Saturn's Day
  • Sunday - Sun's Day - Sif Image

Sif is the goddess of Earth, similar to her Greek counterpart Demeter. She is also associated with fertility and marriage. Most importantly she is associated with corn and wheat. Sif is the wife of the thunder god Thor and is the mother of the god Ullr (also known as the archer god) and Thrud (goddess of trees and other plants). She is known by her beautiful and magical blonde hair that ends up being the subject of Loki’s mischievous ways...

In the story of Sif, Loki sneaks into her room one evening and cuts off all of her gorgeous blonde hair. When it is discovered that she is bald by her husband, Thor, approaches Loki in anger - knowing that he is the reason for the missing hair. In this rage, Thor demands to be allowed to take Loki’s life, but this is not possible in Asgard as gods must not take the life of another god. So they, Loki, Thor, and Sif, appeared before Odin in order to request that Loki be punished for his shameful deed towards the beautiful Sif. Thor asks for Loki’s life before Odin. However, Loki bargains his life for the chance to find Sif even better hair than she already has. Thor and Odin agree to this arrangement. With that hanging over his head, Loki traveled to the dark dwarves. and requested that they make a head of hair made of gold thread that would grow like real hair. They did this for Loki at the price of making them weapons of superior strength and resistance, but also by praising the work that the dwarves had already accomplished, as they were known for their handy work as blacksmiths. With this new reputation, Thor was given the gold wig for Sif and all of Asgard was delighted to see Sif with her former beauty restored and enhanced by the gold strands that graced her head now. Stories of Sif view her as a passive character rather than directly like Thor or Freya. Although is very little written on the goddess of earth, she is not a goddess to be forgotten in Norse mythology.